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Do you need an invite for Google+? You'll get it here!

Originally the German GoogleWatchBlog providet a Google Docs Document, where people could insert their emails to get a Google+ invite. Due to little kiddies, who destroyed this sheet, a group of people decided to create a more "closed" system for providing invites to Google+.

So how does this work?

  1. Click on the top on "1. Formular ausfüllen", where you'll get a form, where you have to provide your Email and some other questions:
    The first 2 questions are only questions to slow down the kiddies ;)
    To the question "Und nun noch ein kleiner Aufsatz", you'll have to write some reasons, why you need a Google+ Account, and finally you have to put a personal code (like a username) in the field "Chiffre", to find the status of your invite request.
  2. Once the request is sent, you'll have to wait. On the Page "2. Status überprüfen" you can check, if your invite has already been sent. ("Eingeladen" means sent)
  3. Now you have to wait. After a time (can be hours), you'll get an email from Google+ with your invite.
  4. Sometimes Google+ is over capacity, even if you have an invitation. If that happens, you have to go on trying.
What happens to my data (email)?
Privacy policy is very important to us. That's why we delete your email-address from our sheet after 24 hours. (We keep those for 24 hours to check if someone tries to beg for an invite multiple times)

We've sent already over 1000 invites, but with the number of requests still growing, we need support. If you already have Google+ and want to invite, please send an email to yt.tyde@googlemail.com

Your G00gleplusInvite-Team!