English FAQ

Can I only register with GoogleMail-addresses?
You can register with all Googlemail-Addresses, but you can also get into Google+ with non-Google mail addresses. You just have to have an Google Account assigned to this address. If you don't, then create a Google-Account with your Mail at : https://www.google.com/accounts/NewAccount?hl=de

Have I been invited?
You can look at 2. Status überprüfen to check of you have been invited, if you know you chiffre. "Eingeladen" means invited.

How long does it take, until i get my invite-mail?
Normally, it takes less than 24 Hours to get the invite. The average right now is about 3-4 hours, but sometimes the mails arrive earlier. If our page sais, that you have been invited, it has been done so! Stay patient. Re-apply for an invitation only if you waited 24 hours!

I got a mail, how do I get my Google+ Account?
Click on the link in the mail that says "show or comment" (or anything likewise). When that website opens, you click on Join Google+.
Sometimes you can't get into Google+ even if you have got an invitation: 

  1. Error "over capacity":
    This error occurs mostly. You have to stay patient an try later with the same invite! Please dont apply for another invitation.
  2. Error 404
    You need a new invitation. Ask for one here!
  3. You are too young
    Due to legal issues in some countries, Google+ is only for people aged 18+ . You can't change your birthday in your Google account.
I am a Google+ user and want to invite by myself?
You're welcome to help us. Just write an email to yt.tyde@gmail.com , heinpunktbloed@gmail.com or iplus1you@gmail.com